Tuesday, 30 September 2008

And on to Rome

The last entry spoke of seminarians and you may have noticed that this year the diocese has no students in Rome. Of the last two students in Rome, Andy Moss has gone off to Canada for his Canon Law studies and Fr Aaron Spinelli is now an assistant priest in Guildford. Fortunately the Venerable English College in Rome still has an A&B presence in the shape of Fr Tony Milner who is the Theology Tutor and in a round about way Mgr Bryan Chestle who, though now a member of the Papal Household, was a priest of the diocese. The college is now on retreat at the beautiful Villa Palazzola which is open the rest of the year to those looking for peace and tranquility outside of Rome. The Villa is on the edge of Lake Albano opposite Castel Gandolfo where the Pope Benedict spends much of the summer months. He has just left to return to the Vatican and in his final address on Saturday before saying goodbye to the staff on Monday he dealt with the issue of tourism and the environment. He said humanity "has the duty to protect the treasure of Creation, and to be determined in opposing the indiscriminate use of the earth's goods." Care for creation does seem to be one of the key themes of this Pope's pontificate.

Another key theme of his pontificate appears to be the role of Scripture and the Fathers of the Church. This comes together today on the feast of St Jerome, Doctor and Father of the Church, most well known for his translation of the Bible into Latin, known as the Vulgate. The revised version of the Vulgate (available from the Diocesan Bookshop) is still the standard Latin text of the Church. He is also back in Rome for the start of the next Synod of Bishops from 5-26 October on 'The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church' which was his choice of subject and reflects his concern for the proper place of Scripture in the life of the Church.

'Ignorance of Scriptures is ignorance of Christ' (St Jerome)


  1. Thought you might like a couple of links - the VEC is www.englishcollegerome.org, and my own website is www.amilner.org