Friday, 31 October 2008

The Word of God Alive and Active

This Sunday brings us to the Feast of All Saints. A day when we give thanks for the lives of those who now share their lives in praise of God in Heaven. They are a reminder that we must direct our lives to growing in holiness and fidelity to the Lord.

The recent Synod of Bishops in Rome which came to an end last weekend is linked to this desire for holiness. It was focused on the Word of God and reminded us that as Catholic Christian we are feed both at the Table of the Word and the Table of the Lord i.e. Scripture and Eucharist united in the person of Jesus Christ.

Whilst there was perhaps nothing startling in the final 55 propositions from the Synod, except perhaps the suggestion that women as well as men might be instituted as Lectors (n.17), nevertheless there was an important recommitment to bring the Word of God more clearly into the lives of Catholics. This is to be achieved by, amongst other things, better preaching from clergy, lectio divina (prayerful reading of the Bible) and using modern means of communication to promote study and prayer on the Scriptures.

The 55 propositions are available to read in Italian.

The Diocese for its part is offering Advent reflections based around the Sunday Scriptures as well as planing a Lenten resource focused on the Year of St Paul. As well Liturgy Adviser, Barbara Hopper is always happy to help train readers both in understanding the role of Scriptures in the Mass and also offering them practical advice and skills on proclaiming God's Word at Mass. As well the Diocesan Bookshop contains a whole wide selection of books and resource on the Scriptures.

Pope Benedict XVI in his homily at the closing Mass of the Synod said
"Let us pray that from this renewed listening to the Word of God, guided by the action of the Holy Spirit, an authentic renewal of the universal Church may spring forth, as well as of every Christian community."

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