Thursday, 27 November 2008

Back On-Line

Well we came back on line at the Dabcec Offices fully on Monday of this week but there was no time to up date the blog until today as I was away for 2 days at a Conference and did not have access to the web. We are now so reliant on this new technology for modern day communications that when we lose internet connection or don't have access to the technology then we feel at a loss. It was interesting today to hold discussions in the office with a social networking communications academic who is helping us think about social communications in the Diocese. We have to make best use of all these communication tools as the Pope will remind us in his next World Communications Day message in 2009.
Ultimately the truth is, of course, that useful as all this new technology is, nevertheless as we approach Advent we are reminded of something greater, the ongoing communication of God in history and most especially in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. It is a communication that reaches across time and space and calls us to something deeper than merely a 'facebook' relationship with God and each other. It is a relationship where to paraphase the motto of Servant of God, John Henry Newman (see picture below), heart must speak to heart. Our communications whether new or old must echo this and try to offer something deeper rather than something superficial. The statement on next year's World Communications Day reminds that we must develop this in the 'new environment and new culture' of the modern media.

Jesus said; "Stay awake and ready, because you do not know the hour when the Son of Man is coming." (Mt 24:42-44)

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