Monday, 8 December 2008

Stella Maris - Star of the Sea

Well it has been over a week since the last blog entry and the excuse this time is not internet failure or conferences but illness. Deadly 'man flu' laid me low for the whole week and am now only just recovered.

There is a lot that has happened over the last week and many news stories to reflect on both inside and outside the diocese but one group of people came to mind especially as we approach the festive season. Many of the gifts and gadgets we will buy or buy for others and some of the food we eat over the few days will have travelled thousand of miles by ship to reach our shores. The people who bring all these goods, seamen from every part of the world often live a lonely and difficult life, far from home for many months. Some must also put up with poor pay and conditions. This is a good time of year to remember their efforts, and to help and support them through the Apostleship of the Sea, the Catholic Church's organisation and charity in England, Wales and Scotland which works all year round for seamen. It not only provides support for seamen through chaplainces in many of the ports but also acts as a voice for them by lobbying government and shipping businesses on their behalf. Please support them with your prayers and generosity.
The icon above is that of Mary, Stella Maris, patroness of the worldwide Apostleship of the Sea organisation.

Immaculate Mary - Pray for us
Our Lady, Star of the Sea - Pray for Us

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