Thursday, 15 January 2009

Virtual Prayers

The latest electronic prayer aid to be launched is a new iBreviary to be used with an iPhone. The iBreviary, which was approved by the Vatican Council for Social Communications just before Christmas, is now available from iTunes in English, Spanish, French, Latin and Italian. The iBreviary, which has been devised by Fr Paolo Padrini, includes not only the Divine Office, a series of psalms, Scripture readings and prayers for each day but also the daily Scriputre readings for daily Mass. It is easy to use, so I am told, and can be downloaded from iTunes for 79Eu Cents. Father Paolo runs a popular website called Passi nel deserto ('Steps in the desert'). All profits are going to charity. Fr Paolo is also setting up a digital Breviary page on Facebook - called 'Praybook'.
It would be good to hear from anybody who has used the iBreviary.

There are of course a number of websites which offer access to some set of daily prayers such as Unversalis which offers the same as the iBreviary in terms of the Divine Office and Mass. You can also view this site via the widget on the right of this blog. Other websites are the Jesuit site Pray-as-you-go which offers a set of daily prayers you can download to you MP3 or the Irish site Sacred Space which gets you to pray at your computer.
It is good to see that new technology is being used to support prayer and our faith in God. If you have any other useful sites that you find useful do share the information.

'O that today you would listen to his voice! Harden not your hearts.' (Psalm 94)


  1. The Praybook aplication is up and running on Facebook - but there is currently a fault in the English Language version so it is only good for those who can read one of the other languages at present

  2. Delighted to see A&B widening use of the internet, with new media tools.
    Twill grow!

    John Frost
    St Richard's Chichester