Wednesday, 28 January 2009

YouTube goes PopeTube - World Communications Day Message

The Catholic Communications Network have sent me this news release about the Pope's new venture onto the internet which I thought was worth reprinting:

"You will find below the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI’s Message for World Communications Day 2009. The release of this message coincides with the launch of the Vatican’s new youtube channel (Over 10,000 people have already subscribed to the new channel!)

World Communications Day is a celebration of global social communications and was born out of the Second Vatican Council in 1963 (Inter Mirifica). It will be celebrated on 31 May 2009. This year’s message is being communicated virally to young people across the world. The Holy Father invites young people in particular “to introduce into the culture of this new environment of communications and information technology the values on which you have built your lives”.

Father Robert King, Catholic Chaplain at the University of Bristol and a regular on radio programmes and other media welcomed the new YouTube channel. He said: “Throughout the ages the Church has responded to the call to be the prophetic voice of Christ by using the media of each generation and culture. From apostolic times to today, the Church has been bold and innovative in proclaiming the Gospel. “At a time of mass communications, the possibilities are many. Pope Benedict’s use of YouTube and his call to announce the Gospel with enthusiasm reflects the Church’s continued engagement with the world in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.”

The theme chosen for this year's message is 'New Technologies, New Relationships: Promoting a culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship'. In this message the Pope Benedict says "The new digital technologies are, indeed, bringing about fundamental shifts in patterns of communication and human relationships. These changes are particularly evident among those young people ... In this year’s message, I am conscious of those who constitute the so-called digital generation and I would like to share with them, in particular, some ideas concerning the extraordinary potential of the new technologies, if they are used to promote human understanding and solidarity. These technologies are truly a gift to humanity and we must endeavour to ensure that the benefits they offer are put at the service of all human individuals and communities, especially those who are most disadvantaged and vulnerable."

Amen to that and I hope in this diocese we will continue to use these techologies as a gift both in sharing the Good News with all and at the service of all humanity especially the poor and the marginalised.

Speak, Lord your servant is listening: you have the message of eternal life. Alleluia!

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