Thursday, 12 February 2009

Paul and Christian Unity - Paul for Today

This Saturday at the Christian Education Centre in Crawley there will be a day reflecting on St Paul for those involved in Christian Unity and as well as small Lent Group Leaders. The main speaker is Nicholas King SJ on 'Paul for Today'. We are expecting about 200 people and day is now fully booked. Clearly there is a real enthusiasm for St Paul and to find out more about the man and the Gospel he preached.

Accompaying the day is a new resource on St Paul produced by the Adult Foramtion team in the diocese for use by small groups and individuals during Lent. The booklet is available from the Diocesan Bookshop for the incredibly reasonable price of £1.50 plus post & package. Just email to get your copies now.

New technology will also be used on the day and we hope that we will have some highlights of the talk by the speaker available on the website as podcasts but it being new to us all here in A&B we will have to wait and see!

Unity for Paul was a key issue and his letters in many ways are often about encouraging these new communities to put aside division and all find their unity in Jesus Christ. Sometimes this involved him in some hard words but always in the context of love and his experience of the risen Lord. As we deal with the issues of unity in our own day then perhaps Paul can help provide us with a model of practice, a 'Paul for Today'.

Open our hearts, O Lord to hear the words of your Son (cf Act 16:14)

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  1. Readers may be intersted in the talk I gave at St John's Seminary Wonersh on the same subject - on my website