Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Of Religious

A few blogs back I said I would add an entry about the religious life and following the recent Day for Vocations for the priesthood and religious life it seemed apt to do so now.

Recently at Worth Abbey, the Benedictine community there celebrated the final profession of Br Anthony Brockman. He has committed himself to the 3 monastic vows of stability, obedience and converstatio morum (conversion of life), to a life configured to Christ in community. As his Abbot, Christopher Jameison said in his homily at the profession: "The danger in contemporary culture is the belief that developing the sound of my own voice is to be truly spiritual; self-assertion masquerades as holiness. This completely ignores the reality of sin and the need for grace. What the monastic life provides by contrast is the discovery of myself in Christ, the discovery that my true voice is the voice of Christ."

Religious life is a counter-cultural sign that offers a life of community, obedience, stability and chastity. These are all things that the modern world finds strange but yet God continues to call men and women to partake in this life as a sign of his kingdom.

We are blessed in this diocese not only by monastic communities such as Worth Abbey, the Carthusians at Parkminster, the Poor Clares at Arundel but also by apostolic communities such as the Franciscans in Chilworth or Servites in Dorking and Bognor.
For those who might like to explore the religious life further then go to which offers advice, information and an opportunity to experience religious life.

The picture shows Br Anthony on the right next to Abbot Christopher and with his Mum and Dad (a deacon himself). Vocations spring from within the vocations of others.

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