Thursday, 19 November 2009

Roma, Roma, Roma!

Last week with other Communications Officers from England and Wales I was in Rome and on the Wednesday morning at the Papal Audience. The image you see on the left is provided by Vatican Radio who is responsible for sound and visual recording of audiences and other Vatican events.

Pope Benedict spoke last Wednesday about the medieval  Monastism of Cluny in France which spread throughout Europe, and of the fruits it bore in the spread of human values especially through its commitment not only to work of the liturgy but also the work of peace.

As we listened the audience was broadcast around the world by radio, television and internet. Why not have a listen yourself via the internet to Vatican Radio and the daily English Language programmes which it produces. The Pope's audience also appear on YouTube and there is also a Papal Facebook site which can be reached by the Pope2You site. So although the press in the form of L'Osservatore Romano is still part of the Vatican media output there is also a move to greater use of new media as tools of evangelisation and information. There is still much to be done in ensuring it all works together but at least a start has been made. We were also impressed by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications which under Archbishop Celli is  making real strides to lead and coorodinate on the new media. It is no easy task but we all wished them well.

Jesus said "If you in your turn had only understood on this day the message of peace." (Lk 19:41)

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