Monday, 7 December 2009

Calling for Action on Climate Change

Rally for Climate Justice
More than 20 senior church leaders gathered for a church service on Saturday 5th December, with 3,200 Christians from their congregations, to support the London Wave, urging an ambitious, fair and effective deal at the Copenhagen Summit on climate change. Many others were unable to get in as Westminster Central Hall was full to capacity.

“This weekend’s events should send a clear message of urgency and hope to the Copenhagen Summit,” said Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury at the service on Saturday morning at Westminster Central Hall. He said: “We are to be bearers of good news for the world that God has made. Not for any one little bit of it, not any one community at the expense of others, not even for humanity at the expense of everything else in the universe. Good news for all of creation. The health of the world around us and our own long-term health are not two things but one. Let us not lose sight of that.”

Archbishop Vincent Nichols, in some closing remarks reflected that, “this morning is a marvellous expression of solidarity and compassion and they are robust Christian virtues”. He added that “today we are concerned for all those whose lives are directly affected by climate change, the world's poorest and the most disadvantaged”. He felt that Christians are called upon the live more simply, and felt that “unless it is clear that we are prepared to change, political leaders will not be able to reach the agreements which are now needed”.

A number of other Catholic Bishops including our own Bishop Kieran and other Church leaders, together were thousands of others from churches around the country including Arundel & Brighton Diocese, were in London on Saturday to give voice to their concern for action on Climate Change. After the Ecumenical Service there was a rally of thousands of people that wound down from Grosvenor Square to the Houses of Parliament. Indeed the numbers were so large that the end of the rally had reached Parliament when the head of the march was coming back over Westminster bridge.

The pictures show firstly, Sue and Jane, parishioners from Worthing with CAFOD A&B Diocesan Manager, Martin Brown, and then a small part of the crowd as it leaves Grosvenor Square. Photo credit: Mark Woods

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