Friday, 4 December 2009

Death of Fr Stanley Burt

Clergy Death Announcement
The Reverend Stanley Burt, Priest of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, who died in retirement on 28 November, aged 84 years.

Funeral Arrangements:
Wednesday, 9th December 5.00 p.m. Simple reception of the body, Our Lady of Sorrows, Clarence Road, PO21 1JX.
Thursday, 10th December 12.00 noon Requiem Mass, Our Lady of Sorrows, Clarence Road, PO21 1JX.

It would be a great help and much appreciated if clergy could let Fr. Tony Churchill know if they are coming to the Requiem Mass Tel: 01243 823619 Fax: 01243 842718. Email:

May he rest in peace


  1. Just a few words to express our sorrow at the passing of such a lovely priest. Fr Stan was an assistant priest at St Hugh of Lincoln Parish, Knaphill in the early days of his priesthood and is remembered with affection by all those I have spoken to. May he rest in the Peace of Christ, Jan and David Dethick

  2. Father Stan was a humorous and cultured priest, who used his life experience in ICI prior to joining the priesthood to connect with his flock. I was proud to serve him on the Parish Committee. He defended St Mary's, Normandy from the Diocese, who have since demolished it and built a housing estate on its site. Doug Goldsack