Wednesday, 10 February 2010

ANNULMENT - A Fresh Start?

The Diocesan Marriage Tribunal has produced a new leaflet to help anybody considering an Marriage Annulment:

The leaflet starts with a series of statements - true or false?
 An annulment is only the Church’s way of letting Catholics divorce
 A former spouse can veto an annulment
 Children of an annulled marriage are automatically illegitimate
 Excommunication automatically follows a divorce
 Having an affair enables you to get an annulment
 Having children prevents a marriage being annulled
 The Church doesn’t recognise any marriage being annulled
 The Church doesn’t recognise any marriage between non-Catholics
 You have to have money to get an annulment

Surprisingly ALL of the above statements are UNTRUE!

This New Year sees the launch within our diocese of a new information leaflet covering the sometimes thorny topic of Marriage Annulment.

Put together by a team of laypersons and clergy from the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal the leaflet aims to be a useful introduction as to what an annulment actually is. The leaflet takes a look at what reasons there may be that a wedding ceremony did not actually result in what the Catholic Church would deem a ‘valid’ marriage and the effects to the couple concerned (and their children) of an annulment being granted.

The leaflet is available now in every Parish of the diocese (if you cannot find one have a word with your parish clergy) or you can get more information from the diocesan website.

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