Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New DVD on life of English Martyr, St Margaret Clitherow

Mary's Dowry Productions is pleased to announce the release of a new DVD film "Saint Margaret Clitherow":

Saint Margaret Clitherow depicts the life of an English Catholic Martyr, beginning in York in Sixteenth Century England and ending with martyrdom at thirty years of age. Using original visuals to provide imagery in Saint Margaret's unfolding story, the encounter is moving, inspiring and shocking. She was a normal young woman, the wife of a wealthy butcher, a mother and a recusant Catholic. She hid hunted Catholic priests during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and was subsequently executed in one of history's most unusual death sentences. Historical, beautiful and absorbing, this film presents a personal encounter with a great English Catholic Martyr, providing imagery and narration for a relevant journey with an inspiring English woman.

Visit their website http://www.marysdowryproductions.org/ for more information on this film and other new releases. The DVD is available to purchase from our Online Shop and is available worldwide.

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