Monday, 22 February 2010

Record Number of Catechumens Attend Rite of Election

This year was a first for Arundel & Brighton as Bishop Kieran welcomed Catechumens and Candidates at a double Rite of Election at Arundel Cathedral. Over the years the number of Catechumens and Candidates attending the rite had increased dramatically so it had been hardly possible to squeeze them all in last year. So this year the Bishop carried out the rite in two separate services in the morning and evening on Saturday 20 February.

This year there were 70 Catechumens presenting themselves for enrollment in the Book of the Elect and 110 Candidates accepted together with their godparents and sponsors as well as RCIA catechists and family members.

Both of the ceremonices were a wonderful occasion, not only for those looking forward to full reception into the Church at Easter, but also for all those already Catholics as they were able to see now many were willingly to begin a new life in faith in the Church. Bishop Kieran echoed the sentiments of many when he commented that the Rite of Election was one of the most joyful and happy events he presided at in the Cathedral. After the ceremony Bishop Kieran individually greeted each of those present. (The picture shows some of them meeting the Bishop)

Please pray for all them as the walk through Lent to the joy of Easter.

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