Friday, 25 June 2010

St Cuthman's Diocesan Retreat Centre Celebrates Summer!

The Library at St Cuthman’s the Diocesan Retreat House is a wonderful room, full of character and space, and has a small gallery which was put to good use during our Summer Fundraising weekend in mid-June. The programme for the weekend included a Candlelit Dinner on the front terrace. However, the chilly wind would have made dining outside an uncomfortable experience, so we decided to to hold the Dinner in the Library.

The gallery in the Library provided the perfect setting for the four young women musicians who form the B-Natural String Quartet. Alex, Maddie, Tess and Danny are all members of the West Sussex County Youth Orchestra and took time away from their studies to play a selection of classical and folk music.  They made our evening extra special and we are very grateful for their generous support.

As well as raising some much needed additional funds, the weekend provided the opportunity to promote the Centre. It was a great summer event and even the frogs provided their own 'riveting' background music!

A full report will appear in a future edition of the A&B News
To find out about retreats and events at St Cuthmans to go their website

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