Thursday, 15 July 2010

Arundel & Brighton Diocese Attends Vocations Festival For Young Catholics

Invocation 2010 was an inaugural festival for young catholic adults who gathered to deepen their faith and hear God's call. They were offered advice, workshops, and time for prayer by the priests, religious sisters and brothers, nuns and monks who attended the event. Oscott College in Birmingham hosted the event in which over 400 attended. Keynote speakers were Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Fr Christopher Jamison from Worth Abbey near Crawley, Dr Andrew O'Connell, and Sr Gabriel Davison from the Poor Clares near Arundel.

As well as two key speakers from this diocese, a good number of young people attended from this diocese.

Rowena Grunwell, a young Catholic from the diocese said “Invocation was an eye-opening event, not just because I had never seen so many priests and religious but because of the energy and enthusiasm of all the young people there. I went to the festival to ask questions of people who had already chosen to dedicate their lives to God, and I was not disappointed! I found that everyone was eager to share their own experiences and listen to others in a comfortable, safe environment, and it was refreshing to see that a lot of young people today are searching for a greater meaning to life and taking their faith seriously. It was also so much fun that I would gladly go again if given the chance!"
For more information about Invocation 2010 go to or contact Fr Paul Turner,
Diocesan Vocations Director.

A fuller report will appear in a future edition of A&B News

The photo shows members of the A&B Team including laity, priests, religious and seminarians.

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  1. Looks like an amazing event. I know from the Vocations team and from other conversations I have had how much people got from the event.