Friday, 2 July 2010

New A&B Parish Celebrates One Year

The newly formed parish of The Nativity of the Lord recently celebrated its first birthday as a parish made up of the old parishes of Merstham, Redhill and Reigate. They had only one Mass that evening, concelebrated by  Fr. Laurence Quin-Morris, Fr. Kevin Dring, and Fr. Charles Howell, assisted by Deacon Tim Murrill, in St. Joseph’s Church, Redhill. The Church was full and  all sang enthusiastically, spurred on by Redhill’s dynamic music group. The choir of St. Joseph’s School, Redhill, participated too.

The highlight of the event was the homily shared between Fr. Charles & Fr. Kevin. Tag preaching rather than tag wrestling, as Fr. Kevin put it. They had agreed between them certain questions but not the replies.

Speaking about the Holy Spirit working in our first year as a parish, Fr. Charles said that the weekly concelebrated Mass, followed by the clergy eating and praying together was very important. Also parishioners when unable to attend their usual Mass, were choosing to travel to the churches within the Parish. There is sense everyone being together as church full of faith, courage, awe and wonder.

Asked about the gift needed for its future, Fr. Kevin answered “Unity which respects diversity but breaks down barriers and differences. It helps us to know we are all brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. The Holy Spirit helps us to dispense with the superficial and brings us together in joy and joyful unity.”

The reception provided a great opportunity for members of the three communities to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Following New Testament precedent there were leftovers for people to take home!

The full story will appear in a future edition of A&B News

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