Saturday, 14 August 2010

A&B Pro-Lifer Cycles to Auschwitz to Remember St Maximillian Kolbe

On Tuesday July 27th Bishop Kieran Conry led a service at the Memorial to the Unborn Child at Mount Noddy, East Grinstead to celebrate the start of Les Whittakers sponsored cycle trip to Auschwitz to mark the anniversary of the death of St Maximillian Kolbe on August 14th 1941, in memory of the 6 million men, women and children who died during the Holocaust and to highlight the loss of 7 million babies who have died in Britain as a result of abortion since the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act.

The period of the bike ride matches the same dates that the Saint spent in the starvation bunker in Auschwitz with 9 other prisoners as a reprisal for an escaped prisoner. Maximillian was in that bunker because he had volunteered to take the place of a prisoner who was due to die. That man, Francis Gajowniczek survived the war, lived to the age of 89 and attended the canonisation service in 1989. The sacrifice made by Maximillian became an example of man's love for his fellow man and a sign of hope for the other prisoners in the camp.

Les has has managed over 1,100 miles to reach Auschwitz today on August 14th 2010 69 years after St Maximillian's death. Many Congratulations!

For the full story see a future edition of A&B News

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