Thursday, 30 September 2010

Comments from Around the Diocese on the Papal Visit

Colette and Sarah - Papal Visits R Us
Sarah Ross, Arundel & Brighton Diocese Papal Visit Coordinator has just passsed on some of the comments she received from pilgrims around the diocese. A big thanks must go to both her and Colette, the Bishop's Secretary who both did so much to help make the visit a success from the diocesan end.
The comments speak for themselves:

“… Hyde Park was absolutely amazing, …The day will stay with me for ever ,the highilght was the adoration. To be that close to the Holy Father was amazing”
Ian, Guildford.

“Sunday was brilliant even with the no sleep and all our group from Thames Ditton really loved the day."
Leonie, Thames Ditton

Christ the Prince of Peace
Weybridge at Hyde Park

“Although we gulped a little at the set off time to Birmingham yesterday, this proved to be a precious part of our families pilgrimage and helped us to offer up our journey and step out in faith – things can be too easy.
The day was seamless and the early start enabled us to get a wonderful position and take some time to prepare and pray. There was an amazing atmosphere among the crowd and a sense of belonging to a strong, alive Church.
As I reflect today, what made the Pope’s visit so special was the feeling of encounter, being led and encouraged to deepen our relationship with God and to recognise that God has a purpose and desire for everyone. The challenge for us now is to continue to seek that encounter.
I’m sure many more graces will come from the Holy Father’s visit.”
Clare, Weybridge

“We were extremely happy to have had the chance to encounter the Holy Father in Hyde Park... the atmosphere was simply fantastic, and the message from our Pope Benoit XVI crystal clear, in particular for our youth. This has been an extraordinary experience that my children -now teenagers- and I will take time to forget (... in fact I hope we never do !).”
Jaime, Europe (not parishioner but wrote for help to get tickets!)

Richard and Diane from St Mary
Magdalen at Hyde Park

…In the end we all made it to Cofton Park - and had an awe inspiring, stimulating and blessed time….Isn’t it wonderful that he is back safe with no major incident and only spirit filled words left for us all to ponder on.
Chrissy, Brighton St Mary Magdalene

“We had a lovely and moving time at Crofton Park.
The up side of the early departure was that we were there first and were right at the front”
Neil, Rottingdean

“What a fantastic day it was yesterday. The rain cleared by the time the Pope arrived, and the sun even appeared. Evidence of divine intervention if ever it was needed.
The whole day went smoothly, although a lot of tired Pilgrims by the end. The day itself was brilliant and from talking to everyone it felt like they had all experienced something both important and personally fulfilling. “
Guy, Camberley

“We just want to say a big thanks to you for allowing us to experience a truly magnificent occasion.
In the end we took 35 people from St Joan’s Farnham to Hyde Park and all we believe, had a most enjoyable and uplifting experience.
Clearly there was a lot to organise for the Pope’s visit but from the feedback from the Media and also from talking to other Pilgrims it has undoubtedly been a great success.”
Mark and Isabel, Farnham

“It was a tremendous event, and despite the crowds we managed to get to the very front! The girls were in tears as the Holy Father passed us and looked right at the girls, it was such a moving experience. The whole event was so prayerful, and the liturgy was really enriching”
Pia, Chaplin, St Leonards-Mayfield School

“a most moving and spiritually uplifting event”
Mark, Crowborough

“It is a great sadness that our Franciscan Friary and Parish will cease to exist from the end of this year but we have a store of happy memories of which our participation in the Holy Father's visit will be one of the unforgettables.”
Brian, Chilworth and Gomshall
Pope Celebrates Mass at Cofton Park
Photo credit: Francis Fernandes

“We had an amazing day at Cofton Park. The atmosphere of joy, love and support for the Pope and the Church was wonderful to experience.”
Mary, Woking

“……We were in Birmingham yesterday and couldn't have had a more wonderful experience. All the detailed planning paid off and everything went smoothly. The Pilgrims were delighted to have been there in person.”
Nicola, Molesey

…”Our folks who attended at either venue are on Cloud 9.5”
Fr Jim McGuire, Cobham

“I and my party have this evening returned from Cofton Park. It was, for all of us, a momentous occasion, and one which was both uplifting and supremely memorable”
Deacon Michael Phillips, Sutton Park

“All our pilgrims were so thankful that they went to the celebrations and found it a truly memorable event which they wouldn't have missed for the world!”
Brenda , Rottingdean Parish Office

“Our trip to Crofton Park was an amazing experience and the memories of the day will be with us for the rest of our lives.”
Olivia, Peacehaven

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