Wednesday, 20 October 2010

More Memories of the Papal Visit

Deacon Gerard Hatton in Procession with
the Blessed Sacrament at Hyde Park
Picture credit: Catholic Communications Network

Peter Clapham from the parish of Christ the Prince of Peace in Weybridge reports:

"Some 60 parishioners from Christ the Prince of Peace, Weybridge, were delighted to attend the Holy Father’s Vigil service in Hyde Park. For those who followed the event at home, watching television, there was a special surprise. As the Holy Father turned to receive the monstrance during benediction, who should appear on our screens but our own deacon Gerard Hatton who, with great reverence and dignity, passed the Blessed Sacrament to His Holiness. What a wonderful privilege for our new deacon, and what a thrill for us parishioners to share his pride in such a holy act."

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