Friday, 1 October 2010

One Parish's Papal Visit Story

Below is a brief report from St Joseph's parish Epsom about the Papal Visit and its profound effect on those involved:
St Joseph's Parish gathered at Railway Station on the Way to Hyde Park
"A parish group of all sorts, families, grannies, babies and others set off on Saturday 18th September to Hyde Park for the Pope’s Vigil.  As well, another group set off in the early hours of Sunday for Birmingham to Cardinal Newman’s Beatification.  At both these events people from all nations were there and the build up to the arrival of the Pope was extraordinary. 

In Hyde Park we enjoyed choirs singing and stories on wide screens whilst we waited.  In Birmingham it was cold, but in both groups we felt both humble and proud to be a Catholic.  In Hyde Park and in Birmingham His Holiness received rapturous applause on arrival.  You could have heard a pin drop in Hyde Park amongst the thousands during Benediction. 

Many of us both in Birmingham and Hyde Park were moved to tears, a true reminder of the profoundness of our Faith. 

For this and other reports on the visit see future editions of A&B News

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