Friday, 12 November 2010

From Peru to Hove via Merstham/Redhill/Reigate

Fr Kevin Dring spent several years in Peru working in our sister of Diocese of Chulucanas. We both celebrate 50 years of existence in 2015 and several Arundel & Brighton priests have benefited from their time and experience serving in that Diocese. Fr Kevin is the latest priest to have been there. He now begins his life as a Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church in Hove.

Prior to this he was part of the team at the new parish of The Nativity of the Lord consisting of churc communities in Merstham, Redhill and Reigate. He recently said farewell to this parish on 1st October, the Feast of St Teresa. Therefore, St. Teresa's, Merstham, was the appropriate venue for Fr. Kevin Dring's farewell Mass and celebration. Servers, musicians and readers were drawn from all three churches, and when it came to the partying the Catenians were in charge of the wine and the UCM co-ordinated the food - all contributing to a happy and memorable occasion.

Fr Kevin cuts his Cake

The cake, produced by a Merstham parishioner, illustrated Fr. Kevin's journeying from the Andes of 'Darkest Peru' to our parish, represented by nativity figures, and on to his present parish of The Sacred Heart, Hove; on the sides were llamas & sheep for Peru and the South Downs, golf and cyclists for his activities.

In his homily Fr. Kevin focussed on St. Teresa's example and teaching on being a little before God. Fr. Kevin had been asked by a child "Are you God?" Teresa's answer would be "No, you are not God but you are a precious, cherished child of God and He wants you to be filled with his love for you and to let that love flow into everyone and everything around you. Your life is inseparable from God and your happiness will only be real and full if you find it in God."

He pointed out with all her emphasis on obscurity, littleness, and childlikeness, dying age 24, and writing just one book, she is a Doctor of the Church. Her influence is felt throughout the world; she is patron of the Missions, and Priests, and a shining guide to us all. At the end of Mass Fr. Kevin was presented with a handsome cheque and a case of wine.

Thanks to Ann Lardeur for providing the photo and much of the story

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