Monday, 1 November 2010

Funday with Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity

Missionary of Charity Sisters in their familar
Saris at the Chilworth Funday
This summer, just gone, saw a Funday for disadvantaged children attending the Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity Summer Schools at Southall and Bravington Road, Kilburn, organised by the Chilworth/Gomshall parish in conjunction with the Surrey co-workers of Mother Teresa.

The “fun” day was held at the home of Mrs Anne Wightman, a Chilworth parishioner. More than 70 children with accompanying parents, guardians and Sisters arrived in two coaches. The children enjoyed the freedom of the open spaces. There were many attractions including the swimming pool, tractor rides, football and face painting. Food was available in plenty with a wonderful BBQ and ice cream, and drinks and cake later in the afternoon. Having enjoyed their day in the country, it was a happy group that set off in the evening back to London.

Patrick, Marta and Missionary
of Charity Sister
On a connected note in 2006 Patrick Wightman, the son of Anne Wightman, undertook a voluntary three month assignment working at the Mother Teresa Daya Dan orphanage for handicapped children in Calcutta. There he met a Spanish volunteer, Marta Abascal, from Madrid. Over the years romance has blossomed and in August, the couple announced their engagement with a wedding scheduled for next summer.
Many congratulations on both the Funday and the forthcoming wedding.

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