Thursday, 13 January 2011

Rite of Election, RCIA and the Ordinariate

Natalie Cheng being baptised at the Towers Convent
by Fr Dominic O'Hara
The Rite of Election for those Adults to be baptised or received into full communion will take place on the 12th March at Arundel Cathedral. This is a wonderful occasion when, together with sponsors and catechists, they gather with Bishop Kieran to begin the lenten liturgical journey leading to baptism or reception at the Easter Vigil on 23 April.

Information on this is going out to parishes shortly but to find out more go here. We hope as many candidates as possible will attend as it is a great opportunity to encounter the Diocesan family for the first time, gathered around our Bishop. The Elect, those to be baptised, have their names entered into the role of the Elect. Candidates for reception are also warmly welcomed by the Bishop and encouraged in their faith. The Bishop makes a huge effort to speak to as many of those who attend as possible.

This year we also have the creation of the Ordinariate in England and Wales for former Anglicans who wish to become Roman Catholics. Assisting with Anglicans who wish to become Catholics as part of the Ordinariate is our Episcopal Vicar for Mission and Unity, Fr Tony Churchill. Their process of reception will be slightly different to other candidates and to explain this the Bishops' Conference have produced a useful series of Questions and Answers on their website.

We wish all candidates coming into full communion with the Church in whatever way every welcome and prayer.

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