Monday, 7 February 2011

Classics Not Forgotten

It was with immense pleasure that the Classics department at Farnborough Hill recently announced that Year 10 student Paloma Vince had won the prestigious Jowett Sendelar Essay competition. This national competition is organised by the Joint Association of Classical Teachers (JACT) and receives many hundreds of entries from top independent and state schools. Another Farnborough Hill student, Rebecca Eva, was commended for her work on Greek Gods. Classics teacher, Miss Danni O’Laoire, was thrilled, commenting ‘I would like to congratulate both girls on such a great achievement. The standard of entries is always very high, so I was delighted to have two students mentioned in the adjudication.’

The competition was held In the Summer Term 2010 when the girls were in Year 9. Students were offered a choice of questions on different topics ranging from Greek Gods to The Early Heroes of Rome and had to write between 1,500-2,500 words. Paloma chose to answer a question on Greek mythology, “Medea killed her two children when Jason abandoned her. As counsel for Medea OR Jason (but not both), present your case to the judges…”

Her work impressed the judges greatly and they wrote this glowing review of her cartoon version of the trial: "A cartoon style account of a defence of Medea on grounds of insanity. Your encyclopaedic knowledge of the details of the myth is matched by the inventiveness of the defence: Medea is the victim of a conspiracy on the part of Creon and Jason, designed to escalate her post natal depression into a full blown guilt complex. Your use of psychological details is ingenious: in particular, Medea’s response to the Rorschach test is priceless. A remarkable piece of work."

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