Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Diocesan Clergy Attend New Translation Training

Canon Alan Griffiths in full flow!
The final of three training sessions across the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton for Clergy on the new translation of the Roman Missal took place this week. Some 50 clergy, priests and deacons, mainly from Surrey gathered with Bishop Kieran and prominent liturgist, Canon Alan Griffiths. He led them in a discussion and reflection on the changes that are taking place, why they are taking place, and what they mean.

He said that these changes gave the Church in this Diocese "the opportunity to revisit the dynamics of liturgy that arose from the Second Vatican Council." This council of the Church in 1960s made it possible not only to have the liturgy in the vernacular but to rediscover that liturgy, especially the Mass is above all about Christ. It is not about what we do as Christians. It had been an opportunity to rediscover the dynamic presence of Christ in those gathered, in the Word proclaimed and especially in the Eucharistic elements of the body and blood. The Church in Surrey and Sussex was now able to  reconsider and deepen this understanding as a result of the changes.

We heard from the Priest Adviser on Liturgy, Fr Martin Jakubas not only of the timetable for the introduction but of the many resources including an excellent CD Rom and various books that are becoming available. Most these can be accessed via the Diocesan Website or from the Diocesan Bookshop in Crawley.

Canon Alan finished his reflections on liturgy by saying that liturgy is art, a 'beautiful completion', that it should be characterised in the Roman rite by noble simplicity and finally that it should engender and be engendered by imagination.

Most of the clergy, after a final Mass using the new translation, even if they arrived with trepidations, went away filled with confidence and inspired after these two days under the tutelage of Canon Alan. 

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