Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Weybridge Parish Hosts Holocaust Memorial Event

Christ the Prince of Peace in Weybridge reports:
"For some years the North West Surrey Synagogue, Weybridge, has organised a Holocaust Memorial Day event. Following an invitation from Rabbi Jacquie Tabik, Fr Tom Treherne, our parish priest, willingly agreed that we should host the event this year in our church, Christ the Prince of Peace. While the appalling atrocities of Auschwitz- Birkenau remain foremost in all our minds, it must be remembered that, since its inception in 2001, Holocaust Memorial Day recalls all the hideous genocides that have scarred history, including the relatively recent atrocities in Bosnia and Darfur.

The event took place in our church on Thursday 27th January 2011 and was attended by an extraordinarily wide range of people - the very old and very young, Jews and Gentiles, lay and clergy. It was particularly encouraging to see such good representation from Churches Together in Weybridge as well, of course, as a large number from the local synagogue congregation. All were rewarded with an outstanding evening of song, readings, anecdotes, dance and mime. There were contributions from local schools, A&B's Hand in Hand, our own Youth Group, and a most moving address by a lady saved by the Kinder Transport. The atrocities of Auschwitz, Darfur, Rwanda and others were recalled, but all presented in a way that inspired hope as well as remorse – ‘he who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it’. This must have been one of the most moving events ever staged in our church, and Fr Tom and the organisers can be proud of meeting the challenge so very well.

Weybridge Youth Group present the story of
St Maximilian Kolbe, martyr of Auschwitz

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