Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rite of Election Welcomes Even More People Becoming Catholics this Year

57 people preparing for baptism in the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton met with Bishop Kieran Conry on Saturday 12th March at Arundel Cathedral. They were joined by 114 people already baptised who will be received into full communion with the Church at Easter. In addition 25 people from the new Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham were also welcomed. There were all joined in this Rite of Election and Acceptance by sponsors and catechists. 
Eastbourne Group of the Ordinariate with Bishop Kieran
The numbers of those preparing for baptism and reception and attending the Rite of Election and Acceptance at the Cathedral in Arundel has grown so much over the last few years that it has become necessary to have two separate services for different parts of the diocese. It is a moving experience for these Catholics-to-be to see they are not alone in their journey and to appreciate the Church as the diocesan family.

One of those attending as a candidate to be received into full communion was Sarah Ross who had acted as the Papal visit coordinator for the diocese last September. Following the visit she had decided to join the programme in her parish and will be received at the Easter Vigil at the Holy Name church in Esher by Mgr Benny O’Shea. The Diocesan Communications Officer, Mark Woods who had worked with her during the preparations for the Papal Visit said; “Sarah has already done so much for the Church before, during and since the Papal Visit. It will be wonderful for her to be able to participate fully in the Mass and receive Christ’s body and blood for the first time as a Catholic.”

Bishop Kieran during and after the ceremony makes a point of speaking and welcoming each person and their sponsors and family, and through this welcome they were made to feel part not just of the local parish but also of the wider Church. He also warmly welcomed those members of the Ordinariate who will become fully part of the Catholic Church at Easter.

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