Friday, 18 March 2011

Helping Young People to Volunteer Overseas

If you know of a young person who wants to volunteer overseas then why not point them in the direction of Progressio Empower is a brand new scheme run by Progressio, a Catholic development charity. If they are 18-22 (or older if you want to be a leader), they could be heading to Malawi, Peru or El Salvador for 10 weeks in July, October or January, possibly for FREE.

You'll find out about life in a developing country, make a real difference overseas and bring back your experiences to your community in the UK. But act fast - places are limited and if you want to go for the summer you'll have to apply by March 13. Register now to be among the first to apply at


  1. Average Cradle Catholics19 March 2011 at 15:22

    Inter Mirifica encourages the creative use of the social media for good. This comment is "off topic" but is to support those in the diocese who find blogging elsewhere by priestly and fanatical lay bloggers unacceptable.
    The recent comment referring to "tame priests" by a cleric and, on the companion blog, use of the Newman Society for self-publicity is unpleasant and reflects badly on this diocese if it is permitted without comment.
    Persistent use of sarcasm towards serious academics,coupled with censorship-ie the rejection of comments which do not agree with the viewpont of the blog make Catholic social media in this diocese contrary to the Pope's guidance, particlarly when these views traverse the world.
    We trust and hope you will discuss this with the people concerned whose web pages are notorious and must be known to you from previous complaints.
    Please refer the matter to the Bishop.
    One of the bloggers claims complaints to your office will not be responded to. Please prove us wrong.
    Thank you for this blog which is interesting and encouraging.