Monday, 21 March 2011

It's All a Pantomine in Bognor Parish

The parish of Our Lady of Sorrows recently put on a parish pantomine 'Mother Goose'. It is understood great fun was had by all including the 3 priests in the parish Frs Anthony Churchill, Jonathan Martin and Peter Hart. Each braved the stage to give a performance of a lifetime!

Bognor Parish Panto in full swing
We understand that the rumours that it will be taken to the West End are untrue.

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  1. Congregation member23 March 2011 at 12:54

    Dear Sir
    You are encouraging the Diocese to make use of the electronic media. Blogs by two people in this diocese, a priest and a member of his congregation are acting in a way contrary to the Pope's guidance on use of social networking.
    This does not present a helpful picture of the area or its personnel.
    As an administrator please refer this to the Bishop.
    You must be aware of the dire effect of this on local congregations.
    Thank you.

    A file is being kept which is available on request and name and address supplied.
    Thank you.