Saturday, 23 April 2011

He is Risen Alleluia!

Alleuia He is Risen

A Poem: Easter Calling (after Jn 20.11-18)

In the garden at the Easter dawn that one word, “Mary!”
When the Gardener reveals himself for who he is – the Christ,
and reveals the Magdalene for who she is –
apostle to the apostles, chosen instrument, beloved.
Amidst the tears the understanding;
He lives and reigns, forgives and sends his Spirit –
That Spirit entrusted to us all:
“Whatever sin you may forgive it is forgiven,
whatever sin you may retain it is retained.”
So Easter Dawn uncovers our vocation –
of witness and of mercy in due measure.
And as for Mary so for all –
the Gardener calling us by name,
wiping away the tears
and sending us on our way
to share the news.
By Fr Rob Esdaile

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