Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mayfield girls sing in Malta’s ‘Silent City’

Choir sings during Mass
St Leonards_Mayfield Girls School reports that: The 22-girl choir of St Leonards-Mayfield School in East Sussex was treated to a standing ovation recently, after the girls sung mass at St Paul’s Cathedral in the medieval walled town of Mdina, as part of a four-day musical tour of the island of Malta.

Mdina, known on the island as the ‘Silent City’, rang that evening to the sound of Messe Basse by Fauré and Ave Maria by Saint-Saëns.

The choir also sung mass at St John’s Co-Cathedral in the capital, Valletta, built by the Knights of Malta in the late-16th century.

It wasn’t all work though. The choir took time out to explore the beautiful Mediterranean island both on foot and by boat, and even tried their hands at Salsa and Zumba classes.

Assistant Director of Music, Heather Woodruff, underlined the value of overseas trips to young people: “This was more than just a musical trip. It gave the girls the opportunity to witness and experience mass in a culture different to their own, and in a different language.”

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