The A&B Youth Team report:

A&B Pilgrims taking part in the final event

"What a final day and a half it has been…….. We walked to Cuatro Vientos yesterday afternoon for the final events of this 26th World Youth Day. In the evening, a vigil was held with Pope Benedict, which included readings and prayers and, most movingly, Eucharistic Adoration. It was moving to be among millions of people being so quiet together, all focusing on our Lord and the Blessed Sacrament. The silence was overwhelming. The storm that took place merely seemed to energise the crowd and bring everyone together. We’d thought we’d have to leave, but fortunately the rain stopped, a warm wind passed through and we were able to stay.

A&B Priests who accompanied
the young pilgrims
Mass yesterday morning. Everyone was exhausted, but everyone paid attention, despite having played instruments, chatted, danced and worshipped all evening. Even though the Mass was in a different language most of the time, people were quiet and respectful. It was very special to hear from the Pope how obviously he cared about all the young people present.  Just in case anyone hadn’t picked up on a very ill-kept secret, the next WYD was announced and will be held in Rio in 2013! The noise from the Brazilians present was deafening!! The Pope, who hadn’t spoken in Portuguese before, gave them a special message in Portugese. He is amazing!!"

Welcome back to the Diocese! For more on their time in Spain go to and for a copy of the Pope's address to the young people during the Vigil go to Zenit website.