Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bishop Kieran 'In-spired' for Journey to Madrid

Last week Bishop Kieran climbed to the top of Arundel Cathedral to bless the new fleche (spire) which has been rebuilt and refitted on the Cathedral. Happy with heights, he saw it as a wonderful opportunity to take in the view over the surronding countryside and to bless the new spire which stands out, alongside Arundel Castle, as one of the most evocative views of West Sussex.

L-R Canon Tim (Dean of Cathedral), Bishop Kieran, and Fleche
Feet back firmly on the ground he set off this Monday (15 August) for Madrid to join the hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in Madrid to share their faith with each other and the Pope who arrives later this week. In particular he was looking forward to joining the large group of 160 young pilgrims from Arundel & Brighton Diocese. He was also hopefully 'in-spired' (sic) for his session of catechesis to hundreds of young english-speaking pilgrims.

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