Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Catholic Grandmother Parachute Jump Raised £1700 for Charity

An excited Nancy prepares to jump
St Joan of Arc parish in Arundel & Brighton Diocese reports:
"Grandmother Nancy Sackwood, a Catholic Farnham resident, had always wanted to make a parachute jump and she was lucky enough to realise her dream recently. Nancy decided to use the jump as a means of raising funds, through sponsorship, for a local charity called Arcaid, which is largely run by members of St Joan of Arc Parish. Arcaid is a small charity that has no overhead costs and uses the money donated for specific projects in Africa, India, etc where it has a known and trustworthy agency. The money might be for educating orphan children, building wells in villages, getting children off the street, etc.

Nancy’s jump was made at Redlands Airport near Swindon and she said afterwards that she had “enjoyed it enormously.”

Well done Nancy!

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