Friday, 12 August 2011

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The drought in East Africa is not the only thing CAFOD, England and Wales' Catholic aid agency, is currently focussed on.

Ian Hamilton, a CAFOD volunteer writes:
Climate change might mean warmer summers for us but it can mean disaster for others. Every day the world’s poorest people cope with threats - from famine and drought to devastating natural disasters and disease. Survival often depends on traditional ways of coping, passed down from generation to generation. Climate change is now another serious adversity they face, one they are singularly ill-equipped to tackle and which threatens to overwhelm them.

CAFOD’s Climate Justice Campaign was launched with the clear Gospel message in mind that we must act in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world so that all may flourish. Our neighbours are not only those who sit next to us in church. 

So what is CAFOD doing and how can you help? CAFOD is lobbying our government to ensure the UK provides its fair share of finance, championing the setting up of the new Green Climate Fund and trying to ensure that monies pledged are honoured and channelled though the Fund. In November UK representatives will participate in the all-important UN climate talks. Ask George Osborne, the Chancellor, to ensure the UK’s effective involvement. (Your Local CAFOD office has relevant material). Donate individually or as a parish. Be environmentally pro-active – not wasting water or electricity for example. Support your neighbour, not just round the corner but across the world.

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