Monday, 29 August 2011

New Translation Discussion Looks to the Future and the Past

Ann Lardeur from the parish of The Nativity of the Lord, Surrey reports:

"In the ancient Church of St. Mary the Virgin Bletchingley, the first Mass using the new translation was celebrated by Fr. Charles Howell on 5th August, our regular first Friday Mass. Afterwards, amid stones which had heard Mass in the Sarum Use (Rite), the norm in the South of England until the Reformation, then witnessed

the change to the Book of Common Prayer, and more recently Common Worship, and for many years Catholic Mass too, a group of parishioners together with Anglican Organist, George, gathered in South Chapel to discuss our reaction and ask questions.

Fr. Charles had used Eucharistic Prayer 3 and we noted the more exalted language, wondered whether it would be more difficult for younger children to understand, liked some aspects and queried certain choices of particular words.

History was very present; a small quatrefoil window in the chapel is thought to be the site of the cell of the hermit Robert of Bletchingley, possibly an early Franciscan, who was given a bushel of wheat by Henry II in 1233. The glass glass screen between tower and nave came from the old St. Joseph's Church in Redhill and would have witness the Tridentine Rite."

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