Friday, 26 August 2011

Reflections from Our World Youth Day Pilgrims

Some thoughts form our Arundel & Brighton World Youth Day pilgrims…

Margaret Hunt (Crawley) – ‘World Youth Day is a brilliant experience that I am very lucky to be able to share with so many great people, not only from my own diocese but from the whole world.’

Katy Mattman (Brighton) – ‘It’s absolutely amazing. I just chased the Pope half way down the street and got caught in a Spanish Stampede. It was like a scene from the Lion King, but it was all worthwhile because I got to see the Pope for real. My team weren’t very happy that I ran away from them but they waited for me which was nice of them.’

Michael Brennan (Guildford) – ‘World Youth Day has been great fun. Highlights have been meeting people around the world, experiencing the culture of Spain and finally seeing the Pope.’

Tom Silverson (Littlehampton) – ‘Amazing. I got within ten metres of the Pope in his Popemobile! The group as a whole has really bonded. Everyone has come together as one.’

Simon Fitzgerald (Woking) – ‘Manic, chaos, but enjoyable with an obvious presence of Christ.’

Phil L’Estrange (Burgess Hill) – ‘Really uplifting experience. Nice to see people from around the world. To get to know other people from different countries is great.’

Emilia Titherly (Horsham) – ‘I like the group atmosphere. There is a huge number of people from all over the world. I like the fact that we have all become one. I also like the free food. That’s always good!! ‘
(we’ll tell her later that food costs were built into the price she paid!)

Fr. Peter Andrews (Horsham, soon to be Woking!) – ‘I have waited nearly 63 years for this experience and it hasn’t disappointed me one jot. I had no idea what to expect but even in my ignorance I cold not have anticipated the excitement, joy, companionship, prayerful worship and great fun that has been my joy to be part of!’

Jonathan Batt (Ascot) – ‘It has given me a view of the wider Church. Too often we see the Church as just our individual parishes, but here we can see the universal Church in action which is pretty amazing!!’

Lawrie Swithenbank (Dorking) – ‘It’s an awesome time. Great fun with some friends from all over the world – Having random chats with them all!’

Jenna Williams (Guildford) – ‘I have absolutely adored catechesis. It has been enlightening. The whole thing is an overwhelming feeling of pure faith.’

Clare Monaghan (Guildford) – ‘It’s been amazing meeting people from different countries and to have the chance to celebrate your faith together without feeling self-conscious. Staying with the nuns in Salamanca was a truly humbling experience and one I will never forget.’

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