Saturday, 27 August 2011

Some Late Summer Reading - The Second Hand Bookworm

Catholic film producer and author Emily Jane Bevan from Goring by Sea and a parishioner of English Martyrs, Goring has gone into print with 'The Second Hand Bookworm' the first in a series of new and enjoyable novels set in a second hand and antiquarian bookshop newly published by Mary’s Dowry Productions. A light hearted fictional series based on real events with humorous happenings in the world of second hand book selling, a nice moral setting and an easy read for anyone interested in books or every day life.

Nora works in 'The Second Hand Bookworm' - a cosy, winding, labyrinth of a shop with room, upon room, upon room of used and antiquarian books. The week starts normally enough, with a visit from the notorious Ravens - two infamous ladies who leave a deluge of carrier bags behind the counter and argue in whispers - a man who changes his fashion with his literary tastes, a stranded seagull and the remains of the villainous Map-Boy, but as the days pass Nora finds herself battling torrential rain and sandbags, mad Mr. Hill who sells his books only to buy them back the next day, an erratic Daytime Soap actor, a paranoid Polish Count, old ladies en mass waving postcards and demanding stamps, the local Ghost Buster, someone determined to sell his dog-sick covered books and much, much more. And then there's Humphrey...
It's an ordinary week in the life of a second hand bookshop...

Emily Jane Bevans lives in Sussex, England. She has worked in a second hand bookshop for nearly ten years. This is her first privately published novel in a series.

Visit The Second Hand Bookworm website for characters, future novels, novels currently in progress and lots more interesting information

To purchase your copy of ‘The Secondhand Bookworm’ visit Mary’s Dowry Productions shop at this link or

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