Monday, 1 August 2011

St Michael’s CAFOD Group Spices Up Life of a Brazilian Community

St Michael’s CAFOD Group in Worthing has been working hard this year to support communities in Brazil through CAFOD’s Connect2 scheme. When they heard that Tony Sheen from CAFOD was going to Brazil to meet some of the Connect2 communities they decided to send him a small gift to share with one of those communities. The gift was a jar of homemade Spiced Plum Chutney. The group makes chutneys, pickles and jams to sell at Church and in the workplace to raise funds for CAFOD.

Members of MDF with the Chutney
Tony reported back that he had handed over the gift to MDF (Movimento de Defensa do Favelas) which supports a healthy eating group in Diveneia favela, Sao Paolo. In response to the CAFOD group’s letter of solidarity of prayer and action the group organiser Tereshina sent a message back: “Thank you. I can feel the love from the people who made this chutney and from the CAFOD group. I didn't realise you could make something savoury from plums. Can we have the recipe in Portuguese please?”

Jane Woods, the CAFOD Parish Representative said: “We are so pleased that they enjoyed our small gift and that through this gift we can be connected with a community thousands of miles away. It encourages us to carry on our work for CAFOD. We will, of course, get the recipe translated into Portuguese! We are also looking forward to hearing more about the visit when Tony Sheen comes to see us on 5th November to speak at our annual CAFOD Curry Night and at Masses over the weekend.”

The St Michael’s CAFOD Group like the Connect2 project because it enables closer contact with communities in developing countries. After a vote the parish choose to support Brazil out of the six possible Connect2 countries. They hope to raise at least £2,000 a year.
Members of the group including Tereshina

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