Thursday, 22 September 2011

As a matter of fact, the Holy Land does not need walls, but bridges!

The Holy Land is in the news much this week as the Palestians make a bid for statehood at the UN. Christians in the Holy Land, especially those in Palestians area on the West Bank and Gaza remain in real need of financial help and prayer support. You can help support the Holy Places and help maintain the Christian Community in the Holy Land through Acta Pro Terra Sancta.

ATS serves the Custody of the Holy Land, which is under the care of the Franciscans, in its proper task of: maintaining and promoting the Holy Places, keeping up the Christian Community in the Middle East, advancing peace and dialogue.It promotes and coordinates activities for the development of international solidarity in the Holy Land in the Middle East, particularly in the areas in which the Custody of the Holy Land is represented: Israel, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, Rhodes.

One of the projects ATS supports is Bridges for Peace. This is an educational project encouraging dialogue and peace in the Holy Land through the involvement of the children. By promoting exchange programs between Italian and Holy Land schools, it aims to enable children from Italy and the Holy Land to meet, find out about each others’ lives and cultural background and become friends.

To find out more about ATS and their work why not visit their website

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