Thursday, 1 September 2011

Evangelium Summer Conference 2011

The fourth Evangelium Summer Conference attracted over 150 participants to a joyful gathering at the Reading Oratory School, 5 – 7 August 2011. Focusing this year on the theme of the Catholic reading of Scripture, the conference covered many topics important for evangelisation in the modern world and provided a great opportunity for young people to meet others who share their faith.

Participants at the Conference
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The conference was also blessed by the presence of Rt Rev. Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury, and some of the newly ordained clergy of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. Bishop Davies encouraged those present in the task of the ‘new evangelisation’. In his homily, cited at length in a recent article in the Catholic Herald (12 August), Bishop Davies referred to the re-discovery, often by the young, of the Catholic faith as a ‘coherent whole’, referring to the “Holy Eucharist, the grace of Confession, the Bible as the Church’s book, the Rosary as a Gospel prayer, the witness of the saints in whom we see the Church at its truest, a new love for Mary, a genuine loyalty to the Successor of Peter, the courage for a new evangelisation.”

Other speakers included Steve Ray, a world famous Catholic evangelist and former Baptist, Dr Edmund Adamus, Fr Jerome Bertram, Joanna Bogle, Fr Thomas Crean OP, Fr Phillip Harris, Dr Andrew Nash, Fiorella Nash, Sr Roseann Reddy, Dr Joseph Shaw and Rev. Ed Tomlinson of the Ordinariate. The conference also provided an opportunity to showcase the new DVDs Hostia: the Power and Presence of the Eucharist and Keys of the Kingdom: Understanding the Papacy by St Anthony Communications. The conference was sponsored by the Catholic Truth Society and organised by the Evangelium Project, founded by Fr Marcus Holden and Arundel & Brighton Priest, Fr Andrew Pinsent. The next Evangelium conference is planned for 3 – 5 August 2012.

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