Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fan into a Flame the Gift of God

St Paul's, Haywards Heath
St Paul’s Parish in Haywards Heath in Arundel & Brighton Diocese report that starting on Saturday they are having a Mission from the 10 – 25 September 2011:
"The Sion Community, based in Brentwood, Essex, will be leading this time of renewal. The Sion Community is made up of religious and laity, young and old, married and single individuals. It was founded 25 years ago, in the belief that God has called its members to Evangelise.

Parish Ministry is at the heart of the Community’s missionary activity and their vision is to equip and enable ordinary Catholics, at a grass roots level, to be active disciples of Jesus who can bear witness to and share faith. The Mission team will attempt to engage as many parishioners as possible in as many different types of liturgy as practicable, to ensure that their missionary work touches the majority of our Parish community and therefore continues long after they have left.

The aim of this Mission at St Paul’s is to encourage and renew the practising Catholics of the Parish, the active members within our community in our faith. This will eventually enable us to “have life in all its fullness” and to reach out to the wider community."

For more information go to the Mission page on their website.

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