Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Four Benemerenti Medals for One Parish

Camberley & Bagshot Catholic Parish report that:
Parish Priest, Mgr Richard Madders said a prayer, crossed his fingers and hoped when he made an application not just for one but for four Benemerenti medals to be awarded in the parish. The whole parish was therefore delighted when the Holy Father graciously bestowed the papal honour on Mr Mick Moore, Mrs Mary Guinan-Casey, Mrs Mary Holloway and Mr John Looby.

Mgr Richard and his four Benemerenti Parishioners
The awarding of four medals at one go in a single parish (though three communities) is probably something of a record, but Fr Richard in his citation mentioned how very well deserved they were and that in a sense they also marked an appreciation to spouses and the parish teams working alongside the recipients.

The Benemerenti is a Pontifical decoration begun by Pope Gregory XVI in 1852 and conferred in recognition of distinguished service of the Church. The medal has BENEMERENTI surrounded by a crown of oak leaves engraved on its face side. They are worn on the breast, supported by ribbons in the papal colours.

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