Thursday, 27 October 2011

CAFOD Day Celebrations at St Wilfrid's, Hailsham

Fr Roy with Geoff Stone handing over the cheque to CAFOD's Sarah Smith-Pearse
Ann Fielder from St Wilfrid's, Hailsham reports:
"For the last year the children and the community at St Wilfrid`s have been supporting our children`s chosen charity, the village of Puentecitos in El Salvador. The community have been raising funds by filling pint milk bottles with small change. The children have held special events and sales such as cake stalls, and together, we have raised almost £1,000.

After the special CAFOD Mass Sarah Smith-Pearse from CAFOD gave a presentation of the way of life in Puentecitos. Father Rory presented the cheque at the end of the service.

Anita our CAFOD Representative along with her husband Geoff have worked tirelessly to encourage us all during the last year. Our great appreciation goes to them both.

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