Monday, 24 October 2011

Celebrating our Altar Servers

St Michael's, Worthing Servers with Bishop Kieran 
They were the main serving group at the Mass
"Without our Altar Servers we Priests would feel very isolated on the sanctuary" said Bishop Kieran as he thanked the more than 150 Altar Servers who had gathered at Arundel Cathedral to give thanks for their ministry of service at the Altar.

Fr Dominic O'Hara, recently installed as Parish Priest of Littlehampton and Rustington, and Director of the Guild of St Stephen for Altar Servers in the Diocese welcomed all the servers and the parishes they represented. He views this annual Mass as an opportunity for Altar Servers in the Diocese to gather together once a year, to be thanked for their work and encourage them for the future.

After Bishop Kieran's homily he inducted 8 Altar Servers, both girls and boys, into the Guild. All 8 declared their willingness to serve with diligence and dignity and then recited together the Guild Promise:

I offer myself to God almighty,
to blessed Mary, our Mother
and to our holy patron, Saint Stephen.
And I promise to do my best
to serve regularly
with reverence and understanding,
for the glory of God,
the service of his Church,
and my own eternal salvation.

Memebers of the Central Council of the Guild where present and they offered all the Servers words of encouragement and an invitation to the Guild Mass at Westminster Cathedral in May 2012.

Whilst it was not possible to have a social get together this year, as the Cathedral Hall is being refurbished, Fr Dominic offered cans of drink and sweets to people as they left. He promised as well they would return in the Autumn next year in 2012 to celebrate again with the Bishop.

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