Sunday, 9 October 2011

International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin 2012

Weybridge Corpus Christi procession
(photo: Peter Clapham)
Peter Clapham of Weybridge parish reports:
"The Holy Eucharist has figured large in our parish this Summer. Our Parish Priest, Canon Tom Treherne, has been invited by Bishop Kieran to represent the diocese at the International Eucharistic Congress meeting in Dublin next June.

We are very pleased for Canon Tom since he has done so much to promote the importance of the precious gift of the Eucharist in our parish. We have just celebrated our 8th anniversary of joining the Lay Apostolate of Eucharistic Adoration, and to mark the occasion Brendan Cleary visited us from Dublin to thank our hundred or so committed adorers and to encourage more volunteers. As a result a further fifty parishioners came forward allowing us to extend Adoration to 3 days a week.

Some 65 of our young parishioners have celebrated their first Holy Communion this year. They processed with the Holy Eucharistic in our traditional Corpus Christi procession and thereafter, for the first time, went on to enjoy the fun at the Picnic in the Park – a regular family day organised by Churches Together in Weybridge. What a perfect way to bear witness to this wonderful Sacrament – and to the devotion of our catechists and parents."

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