Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Real Easter Egg Profits Handover

Dougie Watt-David Marshall from Meaningful Chocolate Company hands a cheque
for £21,487.20 to Liza Stevens and Paul Chandler of Traidcraft
Over £25,000 has been given to charity from profits made by sales of The Real Easter Egg. The Real Easter Egg is the UK’s first ever Easter egg to mention Jesus and tell the Easter story on the box and was sold for the first time last Easter.

The egg was produced by Manchester based Meaningful Chocolate Company and was supported by church leaders including the Archbishop of York.

Part of the pledge made by The Meaningful Chocolate Company was to make real the Easter themes of hope and new life by donating profits from the egg to charitable causes.

David Marshall, from The Meaningful Chocolate Company, said: “I am thrilled to be able to donate over £21,000 to Traidcraft Exchange and over £4,000 to Baby Lifeline. In addition to this, we paid a fee to The Fairtrade Foundation to support their work, including its education programme. Our farmers received a guaranteed price for their cocoa and sugar as well as a Fairtrade Premium of $60 a tonne to invest in their community’s wellbeing.

“With over 80 million eggs sold in the UK every year, we have a long way to go in our campaign to make The Real Easter Egg the gift of choice by the faith and wider community. Next Easter we hope everyone will look out for The Real Easter Egg. Buying this egg is a way of reclaiming the festival and a way of communicating key aspects of the Christian faith in an attractive yummy gift.”

Last Easter supplies of The Real Easter Eggs ran out a month before Easter. The number of eggs has been dramatically increased for 2012 but churches, schools and Cathedral shops are being asked to make bulk orders by mid February 2012 to avoid disappointment. See

The Real Easter Egg has proven that people are not afraid to by an Easter Egg that carries three crosses on the box and explains the core of the Christian faith. With its element of charitable donation it seems that the Real Easter Egg not only tastes good but does good as well.

Last month The Meaningful Chocolate Company revealed its Meaningful Tree Decorations, an interactive chocolate gift and a new way to tell the Christmas story. See

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