Friday, 28 October 2011

Sr Helen and Sr Rita cut the cake
Ann Lardeur from The Nativity of the Lord parish reports:
"Sr. Helen and Sr. Rita recently celebrated their 80th birthdays on 21st August and 13 September respectively. Like our monarch, they also had an official birthday! Appropriately, on the feast of Our Lady of Walsingham, Saturday 24th September, a special concelebrated Mass and presentation took place in St. Joseph's Church, Redhill.

In his homily Fr. Charles Howell said "The Christian life is either a love affair with God or it is nothing at all. The life of the religious is a special witness to this life of love." During the bidding prayers we remembered Sr. Denise Wood who was so tragically killed in a traffic accident near the church last year.

At the end of Mass the Sisters were presented jointly with a bouquet of flowers. Friends and parishioners then adjourned to St. Joseph's chapel for refreshments and birthday cake "Happy Birthday to you was sung, followed by "For they are jolly good fellows". Utterly appropriate since "fellow" is in fact genderless; from Old English, the true meaning is colleague, co-worker, a partner sharing in an enterprise. It certainly describes their contribution to our parish life."

Ad Multos Annos!

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