Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Vincentian – a Lifestyle for Today

Young British Vincentians in Madrid, Spain
Ammada Stafford reports:
"Seven students from Leeds University St Vincent de Paul Society, including Amanda from the Merrow parish of A&B, went to Madrid before the start of World Youth Day to represent England and Wales at the International Youth Vincentian meeting. The meeting was attended by over 1,500 young Vincentians from all over the world, including the Philippines, Brazil and Australia.

The theme of the weekend was “to be rather than appear to be” in living as a Vincentian, and to not live hiding behind a mask. Over the weekend we learnt about and renewed our Vincentian values to see Christ in those we meet and serve the poor and most vulnerable in a teaching session led by international president Michael Thio.

We also got a chance to visit projects run by the SVP in Madrid, as well as sharing with other young members the charity work we do in our own countries for SVP. Celebrating Mass with so many Vincentians from all over the world was an amazing way to grow in our faith, and the perfect warm up for World Youth Day! The weekend ended with a Spanish fiesta, with music, dancing and celebrations with our new international friends, before going on to meet up with our group for the remaining week for WYD. We have all now returned home, renewed in our faith as Vincentians, with ‘a lifestyle for today’."

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